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Grade High for Interactive Schools

Home school is a concept of making available good quality education at a friendly and homely setting that helps in educating the child through various methods which otherwise cannot be used by normal schools; making it a fun activity to learn new things every day. It basically revitalizes the social needs of the student and nurtures them in a homely environment by providing a background of a large family where a student can learn how to gel around and respect each individual’s needs. Usually a home school has an amalgam of students of various age group, ethnicity and strata. It basically brings out the innate leader in the child by inculcating values and wisdom into the child which remains with them throughout their life. It thus aims to educate the child and not just limits to literate the child with theoretical inputs.

Although it is a right of every child to get education through the traditional schooling concept which has held good since ages but it hardly makes any difference to the level of education of a child being home schooled as there has been no such differentiation found through any research between the students of a normal school and that of a home schooled one. But the level of values and their acceptability in life can hardly be gauged by the scientific methods. Only time can instigate the real tests through various situations in life to examine the individuality of a person. Whatever the results may be, it is not an easy task to home school a child as it becomes a huge responsibility for the instructor, which in most cases is the parents, to educate the child in all virtues of life encompassing knowledge of numerous subjects.

This makes the fundamental of home schooling a tough option as not all parents are able to teach all subjects and that too after so many years remaining out of touch of academic activities. Time is another constraint for the instructors as most of the working people hardly get enough time to take care of their personal life including their ward. In the existing set up of professional lives, it is not an easy task for the parents to provide home schooling to their child and the concept of home school is losing its sheen with almost no child being home schooled now a days except for a few homes of elites.