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The Future Of Education

Amid the current year’s Superbowl halftime appear, The Black Eyed Peas performed. By and by, I was inspired. There are blended audits yet you can’t say anything negative in regards to either their commitment to their specialty or their energy for passing on a positive message. The tune “Where is the Love” was a motivating song to close their set with. So why in the world is an audit of The BEP’s on eTeachers? All things considered, amid one of the tunes, the words were cunningly changed to stand up to President Obama and remind him how he guaranteed to instruct this country.

So… What does that mean exactly? President Obama will be running for re-election in a very short amount of time (speaking in terms of the half-life of a presidential term). No doubt, apart from putting Americans back to work and pushing the eco-initiative to make the United States the leader of environmentally friendly technology, the President will speak candidly about the importance of education.

Dear Mr. President and Dear EVERY Teacher who intends on supporting a candidate and casting their vote, please think of the future! This generation of students is in the capable hands of amazing, excellent, inspiring teachers across this entire nation. BUT, with the cuts to pensions, healthcare, salary and budgets, a college graduate who may have been thinking of a career in education may not ever go into the career because they simply can’t afford to.

Teachers used to have a certain sense of job security and a secure hope of having them and their family provided for when they retire. For that, they take lower salaries. Anyway, what do you think? I don;t mean to preach on the subject but I deeply and truly believe that it is the teachers of America who shape the country in just the same way the brave members of the military, police force and firemen ensure our safety.